Welcome to the website for the International Centre for Equine Arts Inc.

The International Center for Equine Arts Inc. (ICEA) is a private school offering you the most comprehensive in hoof care education.

Hoofcare is evolving into a professional occupation and our Equine Hoofcare Professional (EHP) program is designed to provide an alternative to the mechanical trade concept of shoeing horses. Our purpose is to prepare you with technical and business skills you will need to serve the growing awareness in the horse industry. It has been clearly demonstrated that the early development and success of correct equine development through barefoot hoof care is significantly influenced by the quality of his or her initial educational experience. Most importantly to you, the professional orientation of ICEA assures you of practical knowledge, skills, and attitudes, you can effectively use to build your reputation as a respected hoof care provider. Along with your interest and motivation, we can achieve that worthwhile objective; insist on the best for yourself.

equineThe course of study has been carefully developed with you in mind. Education is our business, and we can help you become what you are capable of being without limiting your aspirations. You will have an opportunity to study and learn, with plenty of hands on experience, in an educational setting that is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills that will put you in demand. We are genuinely interested in your success as a student of this school, so you get more value and education; don’t settle for less.

Limited enrollment assures you of ample one-to-one instruction that is thorough and professional.

The school is proud to be registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency which is the Government run governing body for our institution.

As a student of this school, your educational foundation is not limited by the experiences of only one individual. Our advisory board of highly respected professionals and veterinarians keep us current with the latest advances in barefoot hoof care and holistic equine management. Their input effectively closes the gap between educational idealism and actual practice in the real world. That means you’ll have the advantage of providing your customers with the best in technical developments and know how.

Please contact us for information regarding our programs and our enrollment deadlines. We are currently reviewing applications for the upcoming school year.  For those who are looking for nearby insurance, it is a requirement prior to submitting your application.