Insuring Your Horses

Do I actually need insurance for my horses?

Can you manage to pay a lawyer to defend you in a lawsuit? Do you have the cash in the bank to rebuild your barn, home or replace a horse that is valuable to you? If you addressed no to either of these concerns, then YES, you actually need insurance.

Insurance was initially meant to assist you to recover from a monetary loss and pay your litigation costs. Sounds simple enough, however, today, we live in a society where people are fast to put the blame. Luckily, there are programs available to guarantee you and your horse activities properly.

Why should I insure my horse?

You need to insure your horses to protect yourself from the possibility of losing them to different causes, which might leave you in financial distress. Unexpected events or medical emergency situations happen that, without insurance, you might cause financial distress, leaving your horse to suffer or pass away unnecessarily.

Usually, the expense of insurance is minimal when compared with the overall costs of preserving your horse, such as spending money for colic surgery. In truth, often the cost of entering your horse in a competition is greater than the cost of horse insurance.

What does it cost? 

The only method to obtain an accurate response to this question is to email or call us and request a quote. Premiums differ depending on the type and age of the horse, its value, its use, etc. Death coverage resembles ‘Life Insurance’ and is for the value of the animal should it die. Extended protections are offered for surgical treatment & medical coverage, in addition to the loss of usage, infertility, or called hazards.

For a complimentary quote, see the list of providers below:

At what age can my horse be insured?

A foal can be insured 24 hours after birth with an acceptable vet report validating it remains in health completed by a licensed veterinarian. Blood work including IgG test results is required on newborn foals. In between the ages of 31 day and 20 years, you can insure your horse with a statement of condition type (if the horse is over $100,000 in value, we’ll require a veterinarian certificate).

Business start putting age restrictions on horses after they reach 15 years. With our company, you can obtain full death and some medical choices through the age of 20 (every insurance carrier has different constraints and we would be pleased to discuss them with you).

If my horse has had colic, can it be insured?

A horse can generally be guaranteed after having actually been medically dealt with for an episode of colic, presuming the incident occurred over 6 months earlier, there is no history of colic, and colic has actually not persisted. If there was a surgical treatment to correct the colic, there is usually an one-year waiting duration. Otherwise, the insurance provider may accept coverage with an exemption for colic and examine the circumstances when your policy is up for renewal.


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